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What for a Server is the Arctic Q2Jump or the Arctic Q2Race?

Arctic Q2Jump or Arctic Q2Race (hereinafter known as Q2) is a server, running with the Q2Jump mod. The difference between this server and other servers are the extra features like time tracking, Top 15 Jumper of a map, stats tracking, replays and Checkpoints.

How can I connect?

Just search "Arctic Q2Jump [EU]" or "Arctic Q2Race [EU]" in your serverlist, or connect over connect ic3y.de:11118 (Q2Jump) or connect ic3y.de:11120 (Q2Race).

You have entered the Q2 server and don't know what do..

There are two ways:

1. Enter the following commands into the console before you start playing:
2. Another way is to modify the config.cfg file and replace everything with this lines (change MEINNAME to your ingame name).

Attention: 1. is easier and faster.

(All those commands can be binded to any key of your choice)


cl_hudstyle 0

bind TAB playerlist - now pressing TAB allows you to see the players on the server

bind F1 cmd help - pressing F1 twice allows you to see the scores on the current map

bind i team hard - pressing U will make you join the hard team in which times are also recorded

bind u team easy - pressing I will make you join the easy team

bind k kill - pressing F will kill you so you start over

bind h replay - Watch the replay from #1


bind z hook - Z throws a "rope"

bind x unhook - X releases it

bind v store - pressing V will make you store a checkpoint so you don't have to start from the beginning

bind b recall - B takes you where you stored the checkpoint

Fore more commands, check the commands page.