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Current Admin List
User Commands and Admin Commands (Adding_Spawns, Weapons, Teleporters, ...)

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1.68i - 18.04.2020

- Re-enabled the fps kick command to avoid fps switching < 20
- Changed the "finished in" Layout (New: xyz finished in XXs (PB: YYs | 1st: ZZs))
- Small code cleanup

1.64 - 17.06.2016

- Added a first version of a Checkpoint System

@cpadd <1-10> - Add a Checkpoint with the OrderID X

mset checkpoints X - Activate the Checkpoint system for a map. Set X to the highest used OrderID

- Added the amount of Checkpoints of a map to the hud
- Increased the character limit of the currently playing and the last 3 maps infobox
- Changed the "finished in" Layout (New: xyz finished in XX seconds / (Difference to Personal Best) PB: YY seconds / (Differance to 1st) 1st: ZZ seconds)
- Added a findmap command

findmap <search term> - Shows you all maps matching the search term

- Fixed the Overflow bug for 1st, maplist, mapsleft, mapsdone, compare, findmap and stats.
- Added a command wrong / not allowed infotext for players, if they try to use a specified command.
- Modified / optimized some sourcecode parts

1.40 - 06.05.2016 / 07.05.2016

- Added gset commands to disable commands
 gset enable_votetime
 gset enable_addtime
 gset enable_mapvote
 gset enable_mvote
 gset enable_nominate
 gset enable_boot
 gset enable_silence
 gset enable_mkadmin
 gset enable_yesno
- Removed the german translated part

1.32 - 27.03.2016

- Try to fix a bug while switching between Team Easy and Team hard and the usage of the command "Recall" (Thanks to Mako)

1.30 - 21.03.2016

- Added a gset value for the first completed jump sound
- Added a gset value for the one minute sound
- Added a gset value for the five minute sound
- Changed the FPS kick for Quake2 user to 20. It will be removed in the next version.

1.20_2i - 01.10.2015

- Added login <password> (Username still needed, but now its just your current ingame name. admin <user> <password> still works)
- Added deopself (for Paintball users, unadmin for q2)
- Moved the "time" Box a bit lower
- Removed the "AntiGlue N/A" Field
- Added scoreson Command for Paintball users (Shows Scoreboard)
- Added join command, red/blue for Team easy, purple/yellow for team hard
- Server will kick the names "noname" and "newbie" with an info message
- Readded the playerlist for Q2 Clients.

1.15_2i - 06.03.2015

- remmap <mapname> - Remove <mapname> from rotation (replaced older remmap)

1.15i - 05.03.2015

- @getmid <mapname> - Get the MapID from <mapname>
- If an user connects to the server, it will show if he uses paintball2 or quake2 for jumping

1.14i - 01.03.2015

- Fixed @telesrc & @teledst
- Server will kick funname players with an info message
- Teleporter are visible, but dont block anymore.

1.13i - 22.02.2015

- @ahelp and @help (not !help) have the same output
- @ahelp / @help just with admin useable
- Fixed the Bug which stopped chatting over console
- Added @telesrc, @teledst, @remshit
 @telesrc <key> - Add a start Teleporter linked with <key>
 @teledst <key> - Add a end Teleporter linked with <key>
 @remshit - Removes all previous spawns and adds a new spawn.
- Time stop just with weapon_railgun anymore. Rocketjumps will now work.

1.11i - 17.02.2015

- Fixed the "Empty Message" Bug (ex: "noname: ")
- Removed "getpings 0" messages
- Changed !ahelp to @ahelp

1.10i - 16.02.2015

- Prompt a window with a help message for PB/unknown Q2 commands (ex: tossgren, scoreson, scoresoff, join blue,...).
- Removed the bugged playerlist for PB users in "cmd help" (Temp?)
- Added @gun, @gunrem and @spawn for admins to fix maps easily.
 @gun - Adds a weapon and saves it
 @gunrem - Removes all previous items and weapons and adds a new weapon.
 @spawn - Removes all previous spawns and adds a new spawn.

1.08.2i - 13.02.2015

- !ahelp added. Small text for "admins" how to add a gun, spawn, ...
 !ahelp - Small command list for "admins"

Up to 1.07 - All changes can be found here