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Joining into a team (In-Game)

 - Team easy-
  -This command is one of the very basics needed to know, once entered into the console (Button above tab) you will be entered into this team. This team will give you the ability to use
  "Store", "Recall", "Hook/Unhook", but, you will not be able to gain a time on this team. (Read below for explinations of these commands)
 - Team hard-
  -Once joined into this team you are able to gain a time once the rail gun has been grabbed. But, you will not have to ability to use the commands you have access to on "Team Easy" also,
   recall will set you back at the spawn location (Also "Kill") instead of the "Store" location.
 - Observer-
  - This one just puts you into the "Observing" team. Where you can watch other players and get tips from their jumping style.

store / recall

 - Store - This is just a checkpoint. Entered you will be able to place down a checkpoint that you can "Recall" to on team easy. (Will not function on "Team Hard"
 - Recall - Used after using the command "Store". You will be able to go back to the checkpoint placed before hand. Using this without using "Store" first will kill you and you will have to use "+Attack" (Shoot) to get back to the map spawn.

hook / unhook

 - Hook-
  -Using this will fire a grapling hook at the angle your camera is facing. When it's hit a wall it will make you go in that direction.
 - Unhook-
  -Command used to "Unhook" yourself from the grapling hook.

Making a vote and / or picking an voting option

 - Mapvote
  -To use this command you have to type "Mapvote (insert map name here)" E.G Mapvote Tatras. Once you've found a map and typed this command in you will start up a vote menu to which people can choose
   to agree with you or not. Depending on the amount of people in the server and not idle (Afk) the required amount of votes needed for it to pass will differ.
 - Votetime
  -It's in the name, once this is entered you will start a vote to add more time to the map. E.G Votetime 5, that puts up a vote to add 5 extra mins. 
   You can't currently vote for more time if the extra time already added is on +20 mins.
 - Yes/No options.
  -After someone has started a new vote you will have 2 options, 1 to vote it to pass, the other to disagree with the vote. 
   It's just typed the way it seems, a simple "Yes" or "No" in the console will be your vote.
 - Nominate
  -In this mod, there's a list of 3 random maps after the map has ended. (Running out of time) This one works in the same style as "Mapvote" but, 
   instead of the map instantly changing after it has passed, this will add a map to that list of 3 maps to choose from after the time has ran out.
 - Silence/Unsilence
  -A command to make a vote to mute a specific player or to unmute an already muted player. "Silence PlayerID" You can find the player ID's with the command "Playerlist"
 - Boot (Kick)
  -Once again, this is player specific. Starts a vote to kick a player from the server for 1 map. 
   After the map has been changed the player that was kicked will be able to rejoin the server and carry on playing normally. "Boot PlayerID"


 -Useful command to find out the ID of any player currently on the server, the player ID is the first number on the left side of the name. 
  You can also see, how long the person has been on the server for, the "Ping" and map completions for them.


 - Fairly basic command. This will show you the top times that are currently on the map. (Fastest times)
  - Using Quake 2 you will have to press this twice to get to the top 15 times recorded.
  - Using Paintball 2 you will only have to press this once, to get to the top 15 fastest times. (Refer to my binding section below)

bind / unbind

 - This is a very usefull command and is used alot.
 - Bind-
  - The way this command works, is by typing in "Bind (Whatever key you want to bind to) then the bind" You can bind nearly all commands to any key on the keyboard/mouse.
 - Unbind-
  - If you already have a button binded, you type "Unbind (Whatever key it is)" to remove the bind.

disconnect / reconnect

 - Disconnect-
  - When this command is entered into the "Console" it will disconnect you from the server and you will go back to the main menu.
 - Reconnect-
  - If you type this command into "Console" you will disconnect from the server but, be instantly reconnected.

cl_Hudstyle 0

 - This command is just for people that are using an Paintball 2 client. Once entered it will re-arrange your HUD to the correct settings. Thereforth being able to see the right things in the right place.

cl_maxfps (fps number)

 - Now, this one is a bit more advanced than others explained and is not recommended until you have a basic understanding of jumping.
  - Cl_maxfps (FPS) is the command to set the max limit of FPS achieved with the client. There are many fps's that are used to do certain jumps. 
   I won't explain all of them since, there's alot of ones that work for very specific jumps.
 If you want to know more about fps switching i can edit this part in more detail.


 - Replay is quite simple. If you do not add a number after the command "Replay" it will automatically allow you to watch the fastest time on the map. (As long as there is one)
  - If you want to watch a specific replay. You will type "Replay 1-15". (1-15 being the place on the scoreboard. Look under Score command section)


 - Useful for being able to see other players stats.
  - The way you write this is. "!Stats (Playername)" Or "!Stats (Playername) (Number from 1-10)" The difference is that, the 1st command will show how many 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's Etc on any specific player.
  Now if you want to see what maps they have on let's say 1st place. The second command is the one. E.G. "!Stats Zod 1" This will show all the maps that the player "Zod" has set 1st place on.

If there are any other commands i have missed (That are useful) i will add them as i find them. Or unless someone tells me them.