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In this short guide i will try and explain the basic admin commands, what they do and how to use them.

1. Checkpoints.

- So far i don't know if ic3y has changed the level but the way this works is really simple.
- If you type into console @Cpadd 1 This will place a checkpoint on the point you are standing.
- @Cpadd 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Etc. For the order the checkpoints will go in.
- Your next step is to go and type, Mset into console and look for Checkpoints. (It's on page 2)
- Once you have found that you are going to want to type, Mset checkpoints (How ever many checkpoints you added) This will tell the game how many checkpoints are required to complete the map.
- You can make multiple routes via using @Cpadd 1 multiple times for the first checkpoint, but these do count as seperate checkpoints under the Mset command. 
  So if you add 2x @Cpadd 1 then you will need to make mset 2 checkpoints for the 1st 2 under @Cpadd 1.

2. Teleports (@)

- Once again another simple one to explain. Basically as you well know, @commands are exclusive to ic3y's server and they just make things faster.
- So, the command @Telesrc basically means. The source of the teleport (The actual tele) So for example if you type into console @telesrc 1, that will put the teleport "Source" onto the point you are standing.
- And now onto @Teledst. Yep, it's the destination of the teleport. So, @Teledst 1 will give ability to teleport from the @Telesrc 1 (Make sure it's the same name) to teleport to the @Teledst 1
- If you type in let's say @Telesrc 1 and @Teledst 2 Then the teleport won't know where to go since they have two different names.
- This can give you the option to do alot of @Telesrc to the 1 @Teledst. (Although rarely used)

3. @Gunrem

- Okay so let's just clear it up real quick.
- @Gunrem DOES NOT remove gun ents placed by other admins. It only removes the "Pre-placed" guns that are spawning during the creation of the map.
- All it does is, place a gun where ever you are standing.

4. @Gun

- This works nearly the same as @Gunrem but, it doesn't remove the "Pre-placed" guns. 
- All it does is adds a gun to current location. (Same with @Secondgun)

5. @Remstuff.

- Right now this command is really usefull. You know those random ammo boxes and Armour etc. That's right this can remove all of that.
- So if you type into console, @Remstuff (Or @Remshit) it will remove ALL misc items like, ammo, armour, health. But, this will not remove ents that are placed by admins.

6. Remall/ Remall apply. (etc)

- Yet a very simple one to explain but, with many choices.
- Remall basically, queue's up the ents typed after Remall. 
- Once you have the desired amount of ents placed in the queue. You now have to type Remall apply. This will make it final and remove all desired ents.
- Since the maps are made by pb'ers the ents are fairly easy to guess.
 - Func_door - The moving door or any door for that matter.
 - Func_wall - Works for some maps not all of them.
 - There are many more but i can't recall using anything more. I will edit this as i go along.

7. @Spawn

- @Spawn is really really simple.
- @Spawn just adds a spawn to your current place standing, but, remember. This does include angle of facing camera. So just look in the direction you want to, 
  type this command and it will place spawn into that angle.

8. Dummyvote/Dvote

- Dummvote/Dvote, all it is, is a "Fake" vote that admins can use to pass certain things that are not listed in the vote menu.
- It displays like this "Zod (Texthere)" Then with the yes and no option.

9. Moveent

- This one is in the name. Moveent just moves an Ent to where the player is standing. (Mostly used for boxes)

10. Addbox (1,2,3)

- Once again another simple command. All this does is add an box where the player is standing.
 - Addbox 1 - Smallest box.
 - Addbox 2 - Medium size box.
 - Addbox 3 - Largest size box.
- Don't forget to addent create once the box is placed!

11. Skinbox

- This command is rarely used since alot of the time we just keep the boxes visable. (Soon to be gone all together)
- But in any case. You only ever need to use, Skinbox 4 (Before applying the ent) to make it invisible.

12. Pvote/Mvote/Cvote.

- Pvote. This stands for "Pass Vote" and this will allow you to pass any vote placed by a regular user. (Other than time votes)
- Mvote. I actually don't know what this stands for but i want to guess "My Vote" :P It's just a command that allows you to instantly change the map. Aka.
  Mvote prolandr will change the map instantly to prolandr.
- Cvote. Standing for "Cancell Vote" does what it says, cancells any active vote. (Other than time votes)

13. Listents.

- Once typed into the console, this just shows you the Ents placed by any admin on that map.

14. Addent Create.

- Addent create is a command to apply the Ent you wanted (Boxes mostly) to the map forever. Unless an admin removes it.

15. Mset.

- If you don't know how to change this then you shouldn't. (Other than for checkpoints as stated above)

16. Silence/Unsilence.

- Very usefull command but, is not to be over-used.
 - Silence, basically just makes it so the public can't see that players chat. Aka. Silence (Player ID) will silence that player. (It's playerlist to find the id's of the players)
 - Unsilence works pretty much the same but, instead of making it so they can't type, it reverses the effects of an silenced player. (Also applied with player ID)

17. Unadmin/Login.

- If you've got this far then wow, Props. But it's quite easy. 
 - Login, logs you into your admin account.
 - Unadmin makes it so you are no longer admin untill you log back in again.

18. Mvote Noent

- This command is fairly new and only used by admins.
 - All this does it checks all the maps without "Admin placed entities" and picks one at random so you don't have to go through all maps with Mapvote Notime. (Very helpful)

19. Mvote Notime.

- This command does nearly the same as Mvote Noent but instead of it searching for no "Admin placed entities" it will just search for maps without a recorded time.

20. !Ahelp.

- This just shows you the custom commands for admin use.

21. Acmd Remtimes/ Remtime (id)

- This is the command that allows you to remove times from the leader board.
 - Acmd Remtimes will remove ALL of the times that have been set for that map.
 - Acmd Remtime (Id) will remove a specific time. For example. If you wanted to remove the 5th time on the leader board due to various reasons. You would type, Acmd remtime 5.
 - This works for anytime set on the leader board. (1-15) But! Make sure you have a valid reason before removing the time.

I'm pretty sure there's no more really important commands that i use. If there is just tell me or ic3y over skype or in-game.

This is the ending of the first page of guides next up, A basic guide to Ic3y's Q2 Race for all players.

Thanks for reading :)